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Our video education series is an easy way to begin or expand your Bitcoin journey.

Why Does Bitcoin Have Value? The Asset and the Monetary Network


Keren and Omar go further In-Depth to discuss why Bitcoin has value as an asset and a monetary network. They evaluate the cost of minting new Bitcoin and how it's supply growth predetermines scarcity. They put into context Bitcoin versus the US dollar and how volatility is a feature, not a bug. Lastly, they discuss recent events such as Elon Musk, institutional money, and El Salvador's Bitcoin adoption.

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Why Does Bitcoin Have Value? Three Simple Reasons.


Bitcoin has real world value and the reasons are more simple than you might think. Keren Margolis breaks down why Bitcoin is worth money in 3 easy to understand reasons. She also compares Bitcoin to other scarce assets like gold, discusses the costs associated with making Bitcoin, talks about the ways it can be used, and digs into the value of the global network of people who believe in and use Bitcoin.

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